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Latvian Boat Wakeboard Championship 2021

This year Latvian Boat Wakeboard Championship will take place a week earlier than last year, on August 21 / 22 at wakeboard academy Wake Up Academy (in Spuņciems). Any athlete who has tried wakeboarding behind a boat and is ready to show their skills behind the Nautique G23 boat can participate in this competition. At the same time and place The first ever Latvian Wakesurf Championship will also take place.  

August 21 – qualifications.
August 22 – finals.

The competition will start at 11 am.


You can register for the competition on competition day till 10 am on the spot or by filling out this registration form in advance: https://forms.gle/2Nu79RhLFepUvBv67

Competition entry fee

Under 18 - EUR 20
Adults - EUR 30

Due to the new LUSVF rules, in order to compete in the competition every participant has to be registered as an athlete in Latvian Waterskiing and Wakeboard Federation. Registration fee is EUR 5. This registration can be done at the competition.

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